Alex Teixeira is Shakhtar's best player in 2015

Throughout the passing year, the fans voted for Shakhtar’s best player each month. It is high time to sum it up.

Traditionally, 10 former players of the Donetsk club, the same number of media representatives and the official site audience took part in the poll. A player got 1 point for each vote from Shakhtar former player and a journalist, for third place – 2 points, for second and top spots – 3 and 5 respectively. We bring you the poll results for each group.

Shakhtar veterans

Sergei Atelkin - Alex Teixeira
Aleksei Bakharev - Alex Teixeira
Aleksei Belik - Alex Teixeira
Yuriy Belichenko - Alex Teixeira
Yuriy Degterev - Alex Teixeira
Yuriy Dudinskiy - Alex Teixeira
Sergei Kravchenko - Alex Teixeira
Igor Leonov - Alex Teixeira
Oleg Matveev - Alex Teixeira
Valeriy Rudakov - Alex Teixeira

Alex Teixeira - 10 points

As for the website audience, a total of 989 football fans took part in the poll. The third spot went to Marlos, who was named the best in August, getting 2 points in the overall standings. Silver in the poll went to Vyacheslav Shevchuk, Shakhtar’s Player of the Month for February according to experts, giving him 3 points. The top spot belongs to Alex Teixeira, who has been Player of the Month eight times in the passing year. That adds 5 points to the Brazilian’s overall ranking.

Shakhtar’s best player in 2015?
December. Alex Teixeira - 414 (41.86%) - 5 points
November. Alex Teixeira - 142 (14.36%)
January. Alex Teixeira - 131 (13.25%)
October. Alex Teixeira - 105 (10.62%)
September. Alex Teixeira - 75 (7.58%)
February. Vyacheslav Shevchuk - 60 (6.07%) - 3 points
July. Alex Teixeira - 19 (1.92%)
August. Marlos - 17 (1.72%) - 2 points
Total votes: 989


Viktor Ignatov, website columnist –  Vyacheslav Shevchuk
Aleksandr Gaponenko, Football24.uawebsite chief editor – Alex Teixeira
Eduard Kiselyov, Sport-Arena website chief editor – Alex Teixeira
Yuliya Mamoilenko, Komsomolskaya Pravda v Ukraine sports department editor – Alex Teixeira
Sergei Bondarenko, Ukrainskiy Futbol newspaper chief editor – Alex Teixeira
Andrei Peti, website project manager – Alex Teixeira
Eduard Kinzerskiy, Segodnya newspaper – Alex Teixeira
Pavel Bulakh, chief editor – Alex Teixeira
Igor Yaslik, Futbol magazine writer – Alex Teixeira
Vladimir Kramar, Futbol channel commentator – Alex Teixeira

Alex Teixeira - 9 points
Vyacheslav Shevchuk - 1 point

So, summing it up, the result is as follows: Marlos - 2 points, Vyacheslav Shevchuk – 4 points. Enjoying a solid advantage, Alex Teixeira is Shakhtar’s Top Player 2015 with 24 points. Congratulations!