Douglas Costa addressed fans

Shakhtar midfielder has addressed the Pitmen and the fans.

- Hello, I come here to announce that my story in Shakhtar is over. I hope all fans understand my decision, but it is part of the evolution of each player. Here is my love for each of you, who have always been with me in good and bad moments. We achieved many things together, but we cannot forget the losses which served to our growth.

My sincerely thanks for receiving me so well, since the day I arrived. And I'm sure it was the most correct choice that I made five years ago when I decided to join Shakhtar. It was an honour to wear this victorious shirt! I want to apologize for that difficult season we had, but I ask that you guys continue further supporting Shakhtar players next season. Thanks to all people who are part of this history, first of all to our president Rinat Akhmetov (my eternal gratitude for all) , the director, the coach Mircea Lucescu as well as his assistants, to all my colleagues since I arrived and to all employees of FC Shakhtar Donetsk! I hope we can return to our home Donetsk as soon as possible. Although it is very hard to say, see you soon! I love you guys and will have you all in my heart wherever I am.

FC Shakhtar