Mircea Lucescu gave a masterclass in swimming

The morning sessions after the match are sparing in nature. After the game loads, the players need to recover. Therefore, in the first half of July 1 the team traditionally divided into two groups: one group went to have a fitness training led by Carlo Nicolini, the other one went to the pool led by Mircea Lucescu. Then they swapped activities.

There was an atmosphere of routine work in the gym, while the set of exercises in the water were somewhat different this time: the players worked with the ball and made speedy swims along the entire length of the pool, being 25 metres. They started with breaststroke, followed by freestyle, and then, finally, they swam underwater.

Interestingly, the head coach of Shakhtar did not explain orally what the players were required to do, he just silently showed that: he dived underwater and swam for the entire length of the poolin one breath! The footballers got silent being impressed by that. Meanwhile Mister, returning to a side, simply said: “You must do the same.”

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