Douglas Costa: I will always root for Shakhtar

The Pitmen’s former midfielder has granted an exclusive interview to the official website.

- Douglas, what are you feeling while leaving Shakhtar?
- After my five-year spell with Shakhtar, I am very happy that I can take the next step in my career, try myself at something new. I would like to thank everyone who supports our team, and me in particular. I would like to express my gratitude to the coaching staff and all the colleagues.

- Five and a half years at Shakhtar – how will you remember them?
- It has been a wonderful time during which I have learned a lot. I came here very young, and now I have achieved a lot! I would like to sincerely thank everyone for that. I can assure you that these five and a half years will remain in my memory forever.

- Do you remember your feelings when you first came to Donetsk in January of 2010?
- Sure! It was very cold, it was snowing. It was not easy: I did not know and understand anything, everything was so unfamiliar. But the players received me well too, helping to adapt to the club, to get used to the climate and everything else.

- How has Douglas Costa changed during these five years - as a footballer and as a person?
- I think, as a player I have learned a lot, it makes no sense to list everything. I came here as a very young, inexperienced boy and now I am leaving as a man. It was a very important time for me.

- The brightest moments of your career at Shakhtar: matches, goals, emotions?
- My first goal in the Champions League immediately comes to mind; I scored it from a penalty kick versus Braga. Also I remember my goals against Roma, Sociedad. In my heart, there are a lot of appearances in the orange and black shirt; they will forever remain there. Plus all the emotions that we experienced after big victories, after winning new titles. All that is always with me, in my soul!

- What’s Douglas Costa’s most beautiful goal for Shakhtar?
- My goals versus Sociedad.

- Is there anything you would like to say while leaving Shakhtar?
- Many thanks to the president for the club signing a contract with me when I was very young. I would like to thank Mister for his patience, for helping me to prove myself at Shakhtar and in the Brazil national team. I am grateful to my team-mates; I will be missing them. And most importantly, I will always root for Shakhtar. It will always remain in my heart. May the Lord preserve all! I would like to thank the fans once again for supporting the team in joyful and difficult moments! Thanks guys! Five years ago, when I received an offer from Shakhtar, it was unusual for me, maybe I was even afraid. But now I can say with confidence that this was the best choice I could make back then. And if I had to relive that moment again, I would still agree! Thank you very much for everything!

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