Shakhtar vs Eintracht: players’ comments

The Pitmen have shared their opinions about the match with the Germans.

Vasyl Kobin, Shakhtar’s defender:

- I am very happy to have returned to Shakhtar; it is the greatest joy for me to wear an orange and black shirt. The team are now playing under heavy workload, not everything works out well. But, sure, it may take some time, and the Pitmen will play differently. As for the match, at half-time, Mister said that we had to move more, to overcome ourselves as the weather was quite hot, more than thirty degrees! In general, it was necessary to show character. We lost 2-0 and I did my best to change something in the match. For me there is no difference where to play: on the right, in the centre, I try to take to the pitch and operate in any position. The difference is when you succeed or don’t. As for the episode with a penalty-kick, it was a right decision! I stood on the same line with the player, who handballed. It was a one hundred percent penalty. But I think the referee just wanted the local team win because he is local himself.

Ivan Ordets, Shakhtar’s defender:

- Today we have done a lot of work, all the guys have been in the same physical form. As for me, I'm in good shape, and is very pleased that Mister trusts me. Speaking of the friendly, I will say this: in the first half we did not succeed upfront, while in the second one our finishing was off the mark. Although in the first half of the match, Shakhtar enjoyed more ball possession but lacked sharpness. And after the break, we already had enough of chances, which is important. It's a pity that we did not score as many goals as we could have. Plus that episode with a penalty-kick: they saw that it was a clear handball. I do not know why the referee did not appoint a penalty-kick.

Maksym Malyshev, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- We played with good opponents. But we conceded two silly goals, for which Eintracht punished us. In the second half we started to put pressure a little more, acting aggressively. Perhaps for this reason, our game after the break looked a little better. Vasyl Kobin scored a good goal. I'm not happy with my performance... It is always hard to gain perfect shape. We are striving for it. This is the pre-season: we will continue to work, analyse our mistakes and avoid them in the future.

FC Shakhtar