Shakhtar vs Monaco: players’ comments

After defeating Monaco, players of the Donetsk team have shared their opinions about the game.

Marlos, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- I am happy that today I have managed to score two goals. It was very important to bring a victory to the team. Although we should not forget that these are just friendlies and a pre-season, not all the players are in the best shape. We are training and, of course, winning such games brings us joy. Yesterday, however, we lost to Lechia... But before today's match we had more time to rest. Plus we are improving with each day; that’s, in fact, what we are working for! So, the next game can only be better. I think that right now Shakhtar’s squad are very strong, there are a lot of talented newcomers; it's hard to single out any of them. All the guys have proved themselves well. But we need time to make our game more streamlined. In the meantime, I just prefer to play with Taison and Alex Teixeira - the guys, who have long been in the team. We know what to do, without further ado.

Anton Kanibolotskiy, Shakhtar’s goalkeeper:

- I am glad to have taken part in the game. But this is a training game: Mister looks at the actions of all players, giving everyone a chance to play. Compared to yesterday's match, of course, we are pleased to have won today; we showed good football. Although we cannot say that it was a game of the Champions League level. I would not even compare it in terms of the intensity, because there were a lot of young footballers playing for Monaco today. We started very well. In the first 25 minutes, everything was fine. And then, perhaps, our actions were a little affected by heat – still, it is hard to play in this weather. We slowed down a little and showed positional football. Now we are going through a pre-season; we are playing in the training mode, often under workload. We still have a week left before the first official match, for which we should be ready. As for the squad, Mister looks at different combinations of players. I think that in Switzerland we will focus on streamlining the game of the first team. Now we have a lot of young players, who should be mentioned. I would name Maxym Malyshev, Serhiy Gryn - talented guys who show a good game.

Taras Stepanenko, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- Today, a lot of young players were performing for Monaco, the same applies to our team as well. It's hard to play in this weather conditions, so there were fewer movements and more ball control on the pitch. And we were more experienced; we capitalised on all of our chances. As for now, we are far from the usual physical condition; we, internationals, have been training only one week now. The main thing is to be prepared for the match in the Super Cup, plus the domestic league is around the corner and the Champions League is not far off. As for the training camps, I would highlight Maksym Malyshev – he is a good player, and no wonder that Mister invited him to the first team. He has proved himself well for Zorya. It's great that such young Ukrainian players are developing at the club. I have already worked with many of them, and as for those with whom I had not met, I would highlight Serhiy Gryn. It is evident that he has improved during his spell with Illichivets. Well, plus Olelsandr Karavayev! In general, as for the tournament in Poland, I would say that our match with Lechia was more physical than with Monaco. It was clear that the Polish team were motivated well and are in top physical shape. But the fate of the game was decided in a penalty shoot out, in which, unfortunately, our skill-set let us down. In general, Andriy Pyatov did great: he saved two penalties, scored... After the final match in the Cup, I was asked by everyone why I did not take the penalties – since then I have started working on it in training. There was a belief that if I score in training sessions, everything will pan out well in the matches too. And I stepped up to take a shot. Although this was a friendly match, I will take a penalty again, if such situation happens again.