Valais Cup: regulations details

As part of the Swiss training camp, Shakhtar will take part in the Valais Cup 2015 international competition. The first match takes place today, July 7. Let’s learn the key points of the competition regulations.

Competition participants

FC Sion (Sion, Switzerland)
PSV Eindhoven (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon, France)
FC Shakhtar (Donetsk, Ukraine)
FC Basel (Basel, Switzerland)

Fixture calendar

July 7. 20:00 *. Saviese. Shakhtar vs Sion
July 9. 20:00. Lens. Basel vs Shakhtar
July 11. 18:00. Solothurn. PSV vs Basel
July 11. 20:45. Saviese. Sion vs Olympique
July 15. 21:30. Annecy. Olympique vs PSV

So, every team in the tournament will play two matches. The timing is regular: two halves of 45 minutes.

A team is awarded three points for a win. If regular time ends in a draw, the teams proceed directly to a penalty shoot-out: the winners get two points, the losing side get just one.

Teams’ standings will be determined on the basis of:

a) the average number of points scored in a single game;
b) head-to-head record;
c) the average goal difference in one match;
d) the average number of goals in one match;
e) drawing lots (if it is impossible to determine the winner based on the above criteria).

Team lists and substitutions

The number of players per team, including the goalkeeper, is limited to 28. During the game, a team is allowed to make six substitutions including the goalkeeper (if head coaches have not agreed otherwise). Substituted players are not allowed to participate again in the same match.


All matches must be refereed by the officials representing the Swiss Football Association.


Each team shall have a first-choice kit, as well as a reserve kit in other colours. The team named second on the match schedule shall be required to change its kit if the referee considers that the colours of the two teams are not clearly distinguishable. 

Disciplinary matters

Red card - expulsion: a player who is shown a red card will be suspended for one match (the next match in the tournament), unless the player has been sent off for a particularly serious offence, in which case the Tournament Committee will decide which additional sanctions are appropriate, being specified that this Committee may also decide to request the competent body of FIFA to extend the suspension to other competitions. A player who is shown two yellow cards in two different matches of the tournament shall be reported to the National Association with which he is registered if the Tournament Committee deems it appropriate.


The winner of the tournament gets the trophy. The Tournament Committee will decide on the best player and best goalkeeper of the Valais Cup 2015.

* Here and further on – Ukrainian time. The fixture schedule is preliminary