Sion vs Shakhtar: players’ opinion

The Pitmen have reflected on the match with a Swiss team.

Dentinho, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- It was a good game, I'm happy with the team. We played well especially in the first half. But after conceding a goal, things did not work out well. In general, I think we had a decent game. As for the penalty kicks, it seems to me, they should not have been awarded. Probably, today it was not a good day for the referee... As for the competition, it is still difficult to say anything - it's just the first match. But again, we look good. Shakhtar looked decent at the tournament in Poland and I'm sure the tournament in Switzerland won’t be exception. We have a very tough season ahead; there is a lot of work.

Maksym Malyshev, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- The mood is not very good - the team lost. if I had come off the bench and scored... I immediately recall the episode when Vasyl Kobin made a pass - probably, I could have played better and scored but I failed to do so. I tried to showcase my best qualities. I would note that Gryn and I already interplay well - we analyse the moments after the game, give tips during the match, listen. Therefore, I feel more confident in the team, still not 100%, but still.

Serhiy Gryn, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- I took to the pitch for the last ten minutes with a great desire. I wanted to score to win! There was an opportunity to make a good pass into the penalty area, but unfortunately I took the wrong decision. It was necessary to play the ball to the near post – maybe I would have scored. I have not played with a team of this level - very good opponents. A great experience. Now I feel more confident on the field. Bolbat, Malyshev, Karavaev and I have already played together, so we have a mutual understanding. But it is interesting to operate with new teammates too – Ferreyra, Teixeira, Taison. Our game with them is also getting more and more streamlined. Today we used combinations that we are working on in trainings: how attackers should dart into the penalty box, flick the ball, cross it – it can already bee seen in the game. However, I would say that neither the first nor the second penalty kick should have been awarded.