Shakhtar magazine: latest issue

Dear fans, the latest issue of Shakhtar magazine is out now.

The issue starts with the address of the club president Rinat Akhmetov to the fans.

- Shakhtar enters a new football season. We have to compete not on a level playing field with rivals again. All our matches are held away from home, away from our Donbass Arena, without the support of home stands. But despite the difficulties, the fans of Shakhtar follow the performance of the team at the TV screens. They look forward to our wins. It is for them – the fans whose hearts and souls remain with the team in any situation – that we set for ourselves the most ambitious goals and make every effort to achieve them. Once again I want to say: we have an ambitious club, ambitious coach, ambitious players, ambitious fans and the most ambitious goals.

Mircea Lucescu told us about his coaching concept and principles of building the team.

- When I need to make certain decision, I always remind myself: I have to be impartial. The players should be able to find motivation under pressure, tension and stress, and be confident about their actions. They must learn to resist the external stimuli. Pressure can be adjusted. While fear just paralyzes you ... So I often tell the guys: I need your thoughts and heads more than your feet! I want to see competent performance on the pitch.

In the issue’s pages, you will find an exclusive interview by Darijo Srna, in which the captain assessed the last season and looked into the future one.

- I believe that this year the Pitmen have not showcased the full power that they actually have. It was a shock for every one of us to get into that situation and play 100% of games away. At the same time, we’ve claimed the second spot and lifted the Super Cup. This is very important and very pleasant. At certain points, of course, we lacked some character and discipline. I hope the players have understood their mistakes. And that we’ll start the next season differently, being ready for anything.

Read the exclusive pieces by the head coach of Shakhtar U-21 Miguel Cardoso Club and the legendary goalkeeper Yuriy Degterev, look for the 2014-15 season’s top chart of highlights and infographics! Besides, you will find in the magazine plenty of exclusive photos, statistics, analyses and much more.

The latest issue of Shakhtar magazine is available for download. Enjoy reading it!