Alex Teixeira: I’ve never lost in Odesa

The Pitmen’s midfielder has given his take on the previous league campaign, the pre-season and the Super Cup.

- Alex, has the previous season been the best one in your career? What impression has it left?
- For me personally, it has been a very good season, probably the best one during my 5-year spell in Ukraine. And I still have an excellent impression of it. I have looked good physically, tactically, scoring a lot of goals - it's very important.

- When did the task of becoming the top scorer come about? How important was it? To what extent did the teammates ‘work for you’?
- It was important to become the top scorer in such a difficult league campaign as the last one. Of course, the partners have helped me achieve this goal. The guys really worked hard for me, they made passes to me – they did everything for me to become the top league scorer. I'm very happy both for myself and for the guys because it's not only my achievement, it is the team’s one.

- What components of the game in a match against Dynamo led to the fact that the Kyiv side won the league title, and the Donetsk one lost it?
- It was decided at the beginning of the championship. Then we lost two matches, which we simply had no right to lose. And this, in my opinion, was decisive in the league title race. Plus the fact that the Pitmen played all the matches away from home.

- What do you make of the summer pre-season?
- I enjoyed the two weeks off and spent the time with my family. I played football with friends a little. But I spent most of the holiday with the family.

- Can we expect any innovations from Shakhtar after the training camp and friendly games?
- I think we can, Mister works a lot with us on it. Yes, we lost good players, who were important for the team. But we must make every effort to win in this season.

- What do you think, what will be the degree of readiness for the match of the Ukrainian Super Cup? Will the task of winning be a primary one?
- We have to win it! Last season, Shakhtar won nothing: neither the league title, nor the Cup. Therefore, we must prepare very seriously. The task for Shakhtar is to win this very important trophy.

- How successful is Odesa for you in football terms? What can you recall from previous visits to that place?
- A good city for matches. I have never lost in Odesa. It will be a great start to the season, if the Pitmen claim the Super Cup. Again, winning this trophy is very important to us.

We would like to remind you that the Super Cup match between Dynamo and Shakhtar will take place on July 14 at 21:00 at the Chornomorets stadium in Odesa. Tickets for the game can be purchased online on the official site of FC Shakhtar.