Marlos: This year Shakhtar will be even stronger

Shakhtar’s midfielder, who scored a goal vs Dynamo in the Super Cup match last year, has shared his view on the upcoming game.

- Shakhtar have failed to win the Cup and the league title last season. Is the victory in the upcoming Super Cup significantly important to you?
- Sure! Motivation is just sky high regarding both this match and the whole season.

- Dynamo's squad have remained the same in the offseason, and the Pitmen’s have undergone certain changes. Has it affected you anyhow?
- Our young guys have great ambitions, they will try to prove themselves well on the field. This year Shakhtar will be even stronger.

- Newcomers need time to gel...
- I do not think so. These players already have experience; they have performed at a high level at other clubs. Therefore, they do need a lot of time to gel.

- You've started scoring goals. Does this mean that now you play in the most comfortable position for yourself?
- I do not have any clearly fixed position. I act a little in front, in the center and on both flanks. Most of all, I, of course, like to play on the right, but it is not the case of personal preferences. It is important to help the team.

- Do the team who have properly prepared in the offseason have more chances to win? Alternatively, is the overall level of the team important?
- It depends not on these factors, but what will happen on the field. The team, who will be concentrated and make fewer mistakes, will win. As I said, our motivation is huge, we need to make up for all the lost time in the last season.

- In the last match for the Super Cup the first goal was scored on 74 minutes, and on 93 minutes into the game you scored second goal. You must be well prepared physically to again step up the game in the end, mustn’t you?
- Physical condition is a component part of the whole. I can say that not all the players have reached their best condition, so it is only one of the factors.

- Is a factor of neutral ground important in this case?
- Yes. But the main thing now is to focus on the upcoming match.

We remind you that the match in the Super Cup between Dynamo and Shakhtar will take place on July 14 at 21:00 at the stadium Chornomorets in Odesa. Tickets for the game can be purchased online on the official site of FC Shakhtar.