Eduardo: It feels like I never left

The forward has granted his first interview to the official website after returning to Shakhtar.

- Eduardo, welcome back! What do you feel after returning to Ukraine and Shakhtar?
- Firstly, I am very happy to have finally returned. To be honest, the time has passed by so fast that it feels like I never left! I will give my all to Shakhtar.

- When did you discover about the club’s interest?
- At the beginning of last week. I received a phone call. Honestly, though I was still a player of Flamengo, it didn’t take me long to make a decision – I immediately accepted the offer because I like it here.

- Have you been following Shakhtar’s matches?
- Sure. One could say it is my home team – I have played for four years for this team! As I said, there is a feeling that I have not left. How can you not follow and cheer for the home team?!

- Have you spoken to Mister and Darijo?
- I spoke to Darijo before, we met and discussed many things. Of course, the guys are very happy that I'm here again. They know that I can help Shakhtar and for my part I will do everything for this. I talked to Mister over the phone. I have already signed a contract, and we will have a conversation.

- What are your memories after your first spell with the club?
- There have been a lot of good things. I remember when I came here, we won several league titles, won the Cup, the Super Cup. There are only fond memories.

- Are you planning to go to Brazil soon? When is your family joining you?
- Of course, I'll spend holidays in Brazil. As for the family, they will come as soon as possible. But first it is necessary to adapt, to find a place to live - and then bring them here.

- Shakhtar always set the most ambitious goals and objectives. Are you ready to help the team win new trophies?
- Shakhtar are a great club who always strive for more and work a lot for that. Hopefully, in the coming season, we will win new trophies. Our team have to become champions and win the Ukrainian Cup. I will make the maximum contribution. I have been following the Pitmen’s game throughout whole year; it has been clear that they have had a tough season because they have not played on their home ground. I hope everything is stabilised, and we will become winners.