Mircea Lucescu: It was revenge after cup game

The post-match press conference by the head coach of Shakhtar.

- A very good match, just like all the games between Shakhtar and Dynamo. You can see looking at me that I am not deliriously happy with the encounter. Again, I'm regretful about what I have mentioned repeatedly: the league format did not change. We might have had many more games of the kind. Both the cup game and today’s Super Cup match feature the topmost level that can be in the Ukrainian football. For us it is a very good meeting in terms of preparation for the league season kickoff and the Champions League qualifying round. I'm happy that we won and that finally, after a long break, the audience supported us. That’s very delightful! As for the game, it was even. Perhaps we did better in the first half, creating more chances. Dynamo got off to a flying start in the second half, putting our defenders under great pressure. We were also lucky in terms of keeping a clean sheet. Though, probably, we might say the same thing about Dynamo in the first half. But we deserved more to win. Perhaps that’s a revenge after the cup game.

- Just a month ago, some clubs made proposals for changing the league format, but all that was not formally approved. What’s your opinion: is it necessary to change this format, or should it be left as it is?
- I have repeatedly said and reiterated ... Under no circumstance I want to put pressure on Dynamo and its players - I have great respect for them. They are very good players. It's hard to say what’s the reason behind it - perhaps some financial problems ... But no one wants to think about the Ukrainian league to grow further. Probably, they think a lot about the amount that the league receives for making it directly to the Champions League group stage. No one would have lost anything due to the formula I spoke about, they would surely have just benefited from it. We would have two halves of the season. Surely everyone would claim the points that they have deserved during the competition. And after that, the top four sides would play for two Champions League berths. The other four would compete for two Europa League berths. I'm sure the stadiums would be full, people would be interested in those matches. I think that in the group of teams that would fight for survival would also be interested. There would be outfits of about the same level. Had there been the third round featuring the top teams, everyone would have benefited from it. I regret that there have been no changes in the league. No wonder the leading players are leaving Ukraine. Probably they will be leaving the country in the future. And, frankly, I find it very difficult to stay in this league. To the delight of fans, there is such a beautiful stadium in Odesa. There is a number of other arenas that could be filled to capacity if something changes. Let's see, maybe the decision to change the league formula will be passed in the future. I’m very happy that we’ve come to Odesa again. They received us very well here and we felt the support. Of course, it will be difficult, but we will try to do so that Shakhtar retains the top level, as it has been in recent years. Regardless of who leaves the team, we will do so that the team are able to stay in the title race and top the table. The players to have gone are playing for Brazil national team and Europe’s top clubs. It makes me very happy as a coach.