Darijo Srna: Shakhtar has always been and will be at the top

The captain of Shakhtar reflects on the Ukrainian Super Cup win.

- A good game, open one – the real derby. I believe that Shakhtar deserved to win. In the first half we created more chances, while in the second – Dynamo did a bit more. Finally we won! We have been long waiting for this trophy, for almost a year. There were very close to winning the Cup, but lost. While today is a very important day for all fans of Shakhtar. Some people after the departure of Costa, Adriano, Ilsinho and Fernando doubted whether Shakhtar would remain to be Shakhtar ... There is no need to doubt! You can count some 12-15 players who were sold by Shakhtar to big clubs. That's how all the European giants work – they sell and buy. If a player has done a lot for the team and got a decent offer - I am sure that the president will consider it and take a good decision. Of course, it’s nice to see our players at Chelsea, Borussia, Manchester City, Bayern and other top clubs. The president sold them because he received a good offer and because they gave Shakhtar as much as necessary, and were no longer hungry. Many people thought that our team would now drop ... But Shakhtar are always Shakhtar. They are always ahead, the real winners. The president of our club is a winner in life himself, and the coach is the same, and the fans are the same! Such is our land and all of us! Again, this is a very important trophy and well-deserved one. We have the world before us. Of course, this victory is very important psychologically. We have demonstrated that we do not depend on any specific player and that Shakhtar has always been and will be at the top.

- Mircea Lucescu said that it was revenge after the cup game. Do you agree with that?
- Sure I do. We should have won in Kyiv, had a good chance, but failed. Today I did not want to have the penalty shootout, and it so happened that we have scored two goals within a couple of minutes.

- Why was it you who took the spot kick?
- Mister said so. I have confidence and experience. Previously, we had many players who could do that. Today they have decided that I would take the spot kick. I took the ball and scored it confidently. I am happy to have benefited the team and that we won the Super Cup.

- You were nearby in the episode when Shovkovskiy got the red card ...
- Everything was clean, that’s just out of question! Alex Teixeira got the ball through, Shovkovskiy stopped him, hit his feet - and that’s all!

- In Odesa, the fans significantly supported Shakhtar ...
- After a long while, we finally felt that support of Shakhtar. Very nice! But nobody will ever replace the Donbas Arena. I have a feeling that there will be peace soon. For me, the man who brings it will be a hero. We need peace for children, peace for the sake of the future! I’ve been through a similar situation. Again, he who brings peace will be a hero for me. And we already have heroes today. The club president is a man who every day helps his fellow citizens, his Donbas, his Donetsk! He does it from the bottom of his heart, because he loves his land. And I know that today, Rinat Akhmetov is a happy man, because Shakhtar have won the trophy. I said: this is for the whole Donetsk, for the entire Donbas, for all our fans! Even if someone missed the game, they will be very pleased. I have never received so many greetings!

- Did you talk to the president after the game?
- Yes. I’ve known the president of 12 years. Now securing peace is the most important thing for Rinat Akhmetov. And football for him is a great love. This is Shakhtar. This is Donetsk! He said that even when selling players, he never doubted the power of Shakhtar in the future. He strongly believes in the team, he believes completely! He is delighted at the return of Eduardo - a good footballer and individual. Of course, the president is very happy today. And I know that together with us he gives this trophy to Donbas, to Donetsk and to all the fans of Shakhtar. But we all will be three hundred times more happy, when we return to our city, to our stadium and when we celebrate the victories together!