Rinat Akhmetov's charitable foundation marks 10 years!

Ten years ago, 15 July, FC Shakhtar’s president decided to establish a charitable foundation Development for Ukraine.  

Over the years, the organisation has established itself as one of the best ones in solving social problems of different nature: fighting cancer, tuberculosis, providing modern equipment to medical institutions, targeted humanitarian aid, fighting orphanhood, providing modern education, as well as assistance in the development of national cultural initiatives. The foundation is currently focused on the work of the Humanitarian Centre - thanks to the work of its staff, hundreds of thousands of civilians, who have been affected by the hostilities in the east of Ukraine, receive help and support in the most difficult conditions.

As part of these projects, FC Shakhtar is working closely with charitable foundation and has been actively involved in solving social problems of the country.

The football club congratulates all employees of the Development for Ukraine foundation, wishing them peace, patience, optimism and success in their such necessary and useful work.