Yuriy Degteryov: One for all and all for one

In the latest edition of the interactive magazine Shakhtar readers will find the opinion piece of Yuriy Degteryov. The Pitmen’s legendary goalkeeper of 1967-1983 has expressed his opinion on the past season and has shared expectations of the upcoming football year.

‘No doubt, the past season has been the most difficult one in the Ukrainian history of Shakhtar’. We have not played a single game at home. Deep bow to Rinat Akhmetov, who did his best to save the team...

...Next year the Pitmen will also play away from home. But even in such a difficult situation, you can adjust. I think adaptation has already passed, all the players should just realize that they have to fight not for themselves but for the club. There must be a tremendous commitment, responsibility for the team. Therefore, Mircea Lucescu just needs to stir up players a little, as he can, to find all the motivation. One for all and all for one is the only way how Shakhtar can succeed and win new trophies’.

The full version can be found in our online edition. Shakhtar magazine is available for free download.