Alex Teixeira: Our motivation is high because we’re Shakhtar

The Pitmen’s midfielder has answered reporters' questions.

- Alex, what do you make of the Champions League draw?
- I think it will be a great match. Fenerbahce are a good team as well as we are. But, of course, I hope we will win!

- Could you single out Fenerbahce’s strongest players?
- It is hard to single out anyone, because all of their players are strong. Of latest transfers, I would single out Nani and Van Persie. These players are really good.

- Who are the favourites in this pair? Who has more chances to advance further?
- It is impossible to guess who will win. This is football. We will fight! I hope we win. The team, who will make fewer mistakes on the field, will advance further.

- Fenerbahce and Oleksandria, whom you play this weekend, are different in class. How to gear up from game to game, considering a big gap in the teams' level?
- We always have high motivation, because we are Shakhtar. Regardless of the teams’ level or the tournament, our team always try to get the best possible result.

- What are Shakhtar’s goals in the league?
- We need to avoid the mistakes that were last season. We need to be fully focused. If we give our all on the pitch, then we can win it.

- How are the team physically prepared after the match with Dynamo?
- After the match, Mister gave us one day off. We took a rest. Now we are working! I think we will be ready for the league and the Champions League.

We would like to remind you that the match between Shakhtar and Oleksandria will take place on 19 July at 17:00 at the Arena Lviv. Tickets for the game can be purchased online and on the official site of FC Shakhtar as well as in the stadium ticket office.