Serhiy Kravchenko: If Oleksandriya gather momentum, it’ll be difficult for Shakhtar

The Pitmen’s striker in the 1980s has shared his views on the Pitmen’s game with Oleksandriya.

- It will be an interesting game. I would like to see from Premier League debutant more attacks and activities. This team have quite rightly won a ticket to the elite division. But based on the draw in the first match they will meet with the Pitmen, so it is unlikely we will see the full potential of this club. In general, I hope that in the future Oleksandriya will help our football unveil new players.

- The opposition head coach Voladymyr Sharan was named the best coach of the season in the First League. Perhaps we should expect some non-standard tactics and formation from him?
- He likes good combination football. But, probably against Shakhtar they did not get to play well. I think Oleskandriya will rarely possess the ball, they will have to defend a lot. Sharan is a young professional coach. I remember him as a great player. Certainly, he has some ideas.

- Quite often, newcomers of the top division take points in the games with the leaders of the championship. What is the reason?
- The decisive factor here is the lack of a favourite’s proper attitude. Not a coach who has his own rich experience in similar situations and tries to avoid such mistakes, but namely footballers. In some episodes, they may not run after the ball fast enough, may be relaxed, and then it affects the result. And if we let the opponents gather momentum, it will be very difficult to achieve the desired result. Therefore Ukrainian top clubs lose points for no reason. Shakhtar are stronger than their opponents in all respects, but let’s not forget about the commitment and coordination of the team’s actions.

We would like to remind you that the match between Shakhtar and Oleksandria will take place on 19 July at 17:00 at the Arena Lviv. Tickets for the game can be purchased online and on the official site of FC Shakhtar as well as in the stadium ticket office.