Dmytro Topalov: Team received me well

On the pages of the latest issue of the Shakhtar interactive magazine you can find an interview with a young talent of Shakhtar Academy Dmytro Topalov. The player has told about how he got into professional sport, on his debut for the national team in the European Championship, as well as coaching support.

- You have worked with different coaches, including the national team. Which of them taught you something special?
- I would name Andriy Zabolotnyi. He is now Gennadiy Orbu’s assistant in my team. This person helps me a lot in life and in sports matters. You could even say that I can refer to him as a good friend. There was a time when I was playing badly, everything did not pan out and only Andriy supported me. It helped me a lot.

- Next season you complete your spell with Shakhtar U17. Where are you going next?
- This question has not been discussed much. Now I play for Shakhtar U17 and the reserve team. But I may join the U19 side.

- Is it hard to adapt to a new team?
- When I first spent a pre-season with a reserve side, it was very hard. But over time, the team have received me well, I have found a common language with everyone, and coaches supported me. So now I feel comfortable there.

- This season you played in the elite round of the European Championship for the national team. It's still a new experience for you, could you share your impressions?
- We got a very strong group, which involved Italy, Germany and Slovakia. It was very interesting to face such opponents. Of course, it is hard to compete with the Germans, and we could have beaten the rest, but, unfortunately, we lost.

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