Shakhtar’s newcomers granted a press conference

Shakhtar’s players have answered media questions as part of the unveiling ceremony.

- Eduardo, it's always a special moment to return to the team. What do you feel when taking to the pitch as part of Shakhtar again?
Eduardo: - It was a very important feeling for me. I returned to my favourite team and again took to the pitch. I want to say that a year has passed very quickly, as if has not happened at all. There is something important in every player’s life, there is a favourite team. For me it's Shakhtar.

- Brazilians’ families may often be a stumbling block for some players in Ukraine. How did your family react to returning to Shakhtar?
Eduardo: - My family are here, they are Europeans, living in Croatia. Therefore, there was not even the slightest problem with me returning to Shakhtar, to European football. They like it.

- It happens rarely when a player returns to the Ukrainian league. Who was the initiator - the club or you?
Eduardo: - Indeed, it happens very rarely when a player returns to the club, for which he played in the past. I gladly accepted the offer. Shakhtar are a good team that regularly take part in the Champions League. I will try to help the Pitmen achieve their goals.

- Maksym, two days ago, you played your first match for Shakhtar. Mister singled you out, team-mates praised your performance. What does such an assessment mean to you and what are your own requirements?
Maksym Malyshev: - I am happy to make my debut for the home team. I am very pleased with what Mister said, plus the guys supported and congratulated me. I would like to thank them for that. As for my own requirements, I want to make progress. I will work hard and do that depends on me. I want to show my best.

- In the last match you operated in central midfield with Fred. How well did you interplay? Did you communicate to each other? What language did you speak?
Maksym Malyshev: - Everything was fine. We spoke to each other in Russian. Everything was normal. We support each other.

- Question to Sergiy Gryn. You already have experience of playing in the Premier League. However, having moved to Shakhtar, you said that you saw football from a different angle. What exactly are you impressed with?
Sergiy Gryn: - First of all, I was impressed with Mister’s training sessions in terms of complexity. At the same time, the sessions are very interesting.

- Mykola, Mister named you as one of the leaders of young players’ new generation. Your colleague from Shakhtar U19 Viktor Kovalenko already takes part in official matches for the senior team. What are you going to do to comply with Mircea Lucescu’s requirements and adapt as quickly as possible?
Mykola Matviienko: - Firstly, I am very pleased that Misters speaks highly of me. For my part, I will do my best to justify his confidence as soon as possible and make my debut for the first team.

- In the central area you have five competitors, including the national team players. How are you planning to fight for a first-team spot in such a situation?
Mykola Matviienko: - I repeat, I am very pleased to have been invited. This is a big step forward in my career. Still, I will be making progress with these players. I'll watch how they work. And together with them, I think I can get in shape and compete.

- A question to all the players: was it you who picked squad numbers or were you given them? What do they mean to you?
Mykola Matviienko: - Originally, it was the club who assigned them. Then they called and asked if I wanted to change it. Anyway, I decided to stick to my number. And I have just been told that number 25 is associated with Brandao. I do not know what to say. This is probably a good thing since Brandao has played for Shakhtar for long time!
Sergiy Gryn: - I was not asked. I have a squad number which I was given. For me, a squad number is not so important. The main thing is to play.
Maksym Malyshev: - I have a similar situation.
Eduardo: - I always wanted to play wearing number 22. But, unfortunately, in all the previous teams this squad number was occupied. Finally, this squad number is vacant at Shakhtar. For me, 22 is a lucky number.

- Eduardo, last year you spent at home. Has it given to you anything in terms of the game?
Eduardo: - I have gained additional experience by playing for Flamengo. In Brazil, the championship is different, a completely different climate. I liked everything. But at the same time I am happy to have returned to Shakhtar.

- Question to Maksym Malyshev: what is the difference between Zorya and Shakhtar in terms of the game? What are the difficulties have you faced and who have become your friends at Shakhtar?
Maksym Malyshev: - Of course, this is a move to a more serious club, the league’s top team, in which the training process is different, the attitude - everything. There are many factors, therefore, I feel the difference! I am very glad to be at Shakhtar. I will try to continue to progress. I know Ivan Ordets. We were born in the same year, played together at the Academy, were close friends. I also know Taras Stepanenko, we played together for the national team. All Ukrainian guys help me in terms of adaptation. There are no problems with that.

- Question to Mykola Matviienko: what’s it like to be the Academy player, to watch Shakhtar’s matches on TV, watch training session and then plunge into the first team?
Mykola Matviienko: - I have been playing at Shakhtar Academy since 13 years of age. I remember bringing flags for the players, ran across the field, watched the game of the first team, attended virtually every home game. It's nice to be here. I'm still shocked a little. For me it is a very important step. I will do everything possible to not only sit near the players of the first team, but also to play and win.

- Who was your first coach at the Academy?
Mykola Matviienko: - Volodymyr Vinnichenko.

- Question to the Ukrainian players: this is your first season at Shakhtar. What are your expectations?
Mykola Matviienko: - My partners have already played in the Premier League; well, my goal is to make my debut for the senior team as soon as possible.
Maksym Malyshev: - Of course, I want to play, be useful to the team, become an important player for this team and win trophies.
Sergiy Gryn: - I agree with Maksym’s words. I would like to make my debut to become an important part of the team and win all the trophies with them.