Marcio Azevedo: Volyn are strong offensively and passing wise

Shakhtar defender gave us an exclusive interview.

- Marcio, after moving to Shakhtar you were faced with the injuries that hampered your performance. Can we say that you’ve already got back in shape?
- Initially, many things were unusual for me at Shakhtar: the pace and plentiful training sessions ... After a few matches I had a knee injury, so I had to undergo surgery. Now I am 100 percent ready to play and show my capabilities, showcasing some great football.

- What are your impressions of the Pari-Match League opener against Oleksandriya?
- It was a good encounter, we quite well proved ourselves in the opening match of the season. From game to game we will only make progress.

- Shakhtar won the Ukrainian Super Cup. Did you want to take part in it? How was it to the onlookers?
- Of course, any player wants to play in a ‘Clasico’. Fortunately, Shakhtar won. The match was very interesting through an onlooker’s eyes. It was a pleasure to watch beautiful football.

- At the beginning of the season they always talk about the team’s fitness. Are Shakhtar ready to approach the UEFA Champions League qualifying round kickoff in their optimum form? Or you expect the top form later?
- The optimum form comes gradually. It takes a lot of training and preparations. Any individual engaged in a certain profession, gains experience and agility. The footballer is no exception. Shakhtar are on the right track. If we continue in the same vein, we will succeed.

- This is your third year in Ukraine, so you know the next opponents. What are Volyn like? Can you remember Shakhtar’s or Metalurh’s games vs Lutsk?
- I haven’t yet encountered Volyn as Shakhtar player. I remember some as Metalist player, right. The performance produced by Lutsk is anything but simple. They make numerous aerial passes, being strong offensively. We'll have to work hard to win, but I think that Shakhtar will succeed.

- It sometimes happens that before important games in European competitions the teams underestimate the less famous rivals ...
- You must think about each game. Underestimating anyone is the worst mistake! You can always get across some unpleasant surprise. You need to be concentrated. All in good time.

- If we look a bit further, what’s your take on Fenerbahce as your opponents?
- My take is positive, but I do not want to talk about it now. Primarily, I am focused on the game against Volyn.

- Speaking about the internal competition with Vyacheslav Shevchuk and Ismaily, isn’t it too tough?
- No, it isn’t. It all depends on Mister. He chooses who will play. The coach sees who looks better in a particular role. The main thing is proving your best to find yourself on the favourites list. I believe that Mister is always right. He knows best what is good for Shakhtar today.

- Comparing you performance at Metalist and previous clubs to your spell at Shakhtar, is there anything new in Mircea Lucescu’s requirements to you?
- Just the pace and a few more details changed. Basically, nothing radical. The main thing is helping your team claim victories.