Anton Kanibolotskyi: Volyn demonstrate physical football

Before the game against Lutsk, Shakhtar goalkeeper gave an exclusive interview to the official site.

- For Shakhtar the away meetings in Lutsk always turn out to be tough. The previous match confirmed it. Do you expect the encounter to be no less intense?
- It’s always difficult to play Volyn away. But we will make every effort to extend our winning streak.

- Volyn traditionally impose challenges upon their opponents in every bit of ​​the field, with the players often performing on the verge of self-sacrifice. What strengths of Lutsk would you single out?
- The Lutsk team have some tall players, owing to whom the team demonstrate physical football. We scrutinise and analyse all that. I do not think that Volyn will be able to amaze us with anything.

- Did you pay attention to Redvan Memeshev, Volyn’s attacking leader?
- We analyse all the opposing players, without singling out anyone in particular. We already well know every Volyn player, so, once again, there must be no surprises for us.

- This season, Shakhtar switched to the competitive game pace unusually early, which involves two games per week. Do you feel any additional workload?
- Not yet, because we're just at the beginning now. Although next week, we will have the Champions League qualifying game. So, I think, it will be tougher both physically and mentally. As we are facing numerous flights and transfers. But that’s our job. We train and don’t bother about things.