Ihor Leonov: Volyn are strong teamwork wise

Shakhtar defender of the 1990s shared his take on Shakhtar’s upcoming match in Lutsk.

- Volyn always prepare to take on Shakhtar very seriously, imposing their game by playing physical football. I'm sure that the game won’t be easy for Shakhtar.

- What kind of game should we expect from the opponents tactically?
- The Lutsk side are likely to operate defensively. At least they will start playing like that. And in the course of the meeting there might be different tactical variations. Shakhtar should try to score an early goal. The sooner they manage to rip open the opponents’ defence, the easier it will be.

- With regard to the first round: will the departure of Eric Bicfalvi affect Volyn’s attacking power?
- Of course, it’s always difficult when leaders leave. But Volyn are strong teamwork wise. Vitaliy Kvartsyanyi can set his players fighting. Therefore, again, Shakhtar should try to impose their game upon the opponents and score early. If Volyn expose themselves, it will get easier for the Pitmen.