Mircea Lucescu: I’m happy with the team and the result

After the game against Volyn, Shakhtar mentor talked to reporters.

- It was a spectacular, enjoyable game, perhaps, for everyone. There were a lot of scoring chances – the audience liked it. We won because we were more persistent and better converted the created chances. I’m happy with the result, happy with the team. And now all our thoughts should be about Fenerbahce.

- Shakhtar have had less possession today than Volyn and scored three goals after counterattacks ...
- Shakhtar were playing their own game. A lot depends, of course, on what the opponents do on the field. We made use of the spaces created. Today, Volyn attacked more, and, of course, we used those spaces in the counterattacks. Because we were more dynamic, faster, we played a more vertical game. Both Lutsk and we could have netted many more goals, had we converted all the chances. All those who attended the game have been satisfied with this action, with such a performance.

- How close is today’s squad to the one to play Fenerbahce?
- Let's see what happens in the coming days. We still have time. We’ll see how Srna will feel after his illness, how Stepanenko will look, - and only then we will take the decision. I continuously change players to give everyone an opportunity to play. Maybe there will be more attacking changes. Football is a team game, every player should know what to do. In turn, a player should show that he deserves to play at Shakhtar. The offensive players looked good today. I’m happy with Kobin. Kovalenko has played well in his role. Bernard still plays too much individually, but I think he will succeed.

- Teixeira has scored four goals in two games. Probably, Shakhtar history hasn’t yet seen a player like him ...
- Alex is growing, every year playing better and better, turning into a personality, he feels more confident, he has a scoring flair. Previously he scored three or four goals in a season, but now he’s become a strong player with good dribbling, pace and goal sense. I am delighted that he has decided to stay with us, to pursue a career at Shakhtar until we bring up another player behind him.