Vitaliy Kvartsyanyi: the fourth goal totally disappointed me

The head coach of Volyn answered the questions from journalists.

- Footballers today tried, but decided to make some sort of showing off in front of Shakhtar. The opponents played without several leaders, and we could take advantage of it. E tasked them with playing seriously and maintaining discipline, being confident in themselves and fulfilling their passion to win, their football aggression. As you can see, it did not happen. There were situations that had to be made more threatening. For example, Kobakhidze had a chance to score, which he had to finish with a shot. How can a player of this level not convert it? The score turns 3-2, and everything changes ...

Matei was given the task to play tough, to get deeper down the penalty area. Once he penetrated it, got brought down and earned a penalty. He didn’t enter the box any more. I said to Khomchenko, ‘If you can work with the ball – just go on into the box, you don’t need to pass it pack.’ But he sent just one through-ball to Petrov. He could break into the box himself, but he never does – being afraid. The players are very weak mentally: they fear danger, physical challenges, they can’t sacrifice themselves as Aleksandr Matrosov did. Nasonov fell down – got some back issues, not being able to play. I wanted to field Deda as he’s the toughest. He is 16, he can score. I will field him just shortly.

Shakhtar should be played against more powerfully than usual. Being amply aggressive, fixing up the imperfections. But if we don’t show our capabilities, we will always look inferior to Shakhtar. We got off to a flying start, and then gave away some childish goals. The fourth goal totally disappointed me. We could complete the game: let it be 3-1, or we’d rather have secured a brace ... unpleasant both for us and the fans. 4-3, for instance, would’ve been better. I am not happy. You cannot play it the ‘American’ way or produce some kind of circus performance, you just need to quickly pass the midfield as Shakhtar do it, and round off your attacking move with a shot. We talked about that, practised it in training. While today we reached the goal area and played it across the pitch, with all the players fearing to be hit or pushed. How is it possible? Shakhtar must be ‘bitten to death’ and torn apart, while Volyn lose their aggression. It does not depend on us, the coaches. There is a selection of players – hence the level. There are poodles and spaniels, and there are sheepdogs - that's the whole difference.