U21. Volyn vs Shakhtar: players’ comments

At the end of the match with Volyn, the Pitmen have shared their impressions.

Andriy Korobenko, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- It was a hard game, considering the opposition players are very tall and strong physically. In the first half, we had a lot of chances; we made good use of the zones in accordance with pre-match instructions. During the break, the coach told to continue operating in the same way and the goal would come. This cannot be in football: create a lot of chances and do not score! In the end, we piled on pressure, scoring two goals in a row. I think we combined well in midfield, finding space to attack and making passes to the attackers, despite constant pressure from the Volyn players.

Mykyta Bezuglyi, Shakhtar U21 defender:

- Last season, we beat Volyn 7-1 at this stadium, back then the game was wrapped up after the opponents conceded the opener. This time it could have happened again, but we were unable to score for a long time. It is difficult, of course, to play against with Volyn’s centre forward, whose height is nearly two meters. But we overed each other as usual; if one of us was going into challenge. We kept a clean sheet - it means, in general, we acted firmly, but our goalkeeper was making fine saves too. When it was 2-0, I made an error – lost concentration, probably. It is good that it is our second game in which we kept a clean sheet, but we will still analyse our mistakes.

Andriy Boyarchuk, Shakhtar U21 forward:

- After these matches, you realize that it is necessary to work further on conversion of chances. And in the training session we need to hit goal wards, even work on one-on-one situations. We will improve! Until the 70th minute, we were unable to score, we got a bit nervous, but I still have confidence in victory. Sergiy Gryn earned a penalty kick, which he was going to take, but then gave me the right to do it – so was decided during pre-match coaching instructions. I am still a regular penalty taker in the team, but this time the situation was special: we had to score. I was not nervous, though Volyn’s goalkeeper Kychak had saved all the shots prior to that moment. Surely it was his best game in his career!