Darijo Srna about season, Mister and fans

In the latest edition of Shakhtar's interactive magazine you will find an exclusive interview with the Pitmen’s captain. Darijo Srna has assessed the performance of the team in the past season. As always, in a straight manner and without embellishment.

- Darijo, given the conditions in which Shakhtar are participating in the league, is second place considered an achievement or loss?
- A loss. Because we had not fulfilled the task set before the start of the season. But if we take into account the situation in which the team were during the football year, it is a very good result.

- Do you think losing the league title will benefit the team and spur you up?
- Football is loved because it is unpredictable. If we don't win this year's league title, we will win it in two, three years. You cannot always win and occupy first place. That is life. The last championship has become a shock for us. Shakhtar found themselves in such a situation for the first time. But this year has taught us a lot: we have received invaluable experience.

- Mister has not dropped Shakhtar, in spite of the rumours, pressure and the overall situation. Did you know that he would not betray the team?
- Of course! I have known Mister for 11 years now. He will never leave the team and the president in this situation. Mircea Lucescu is not just a coach... He's a friend! He is an integral part! He is Shakhtar’s symbol! Mister’s heart and soul belong to Shakhtar.  In such a situation, he would never quit the team. And if you want my opinion, I think Lucescu won’t leave the team, until Shakhtar play at Donbass Arena. It is my personal belief.

- In spite of everything, in last season there were a lot of bright moments. U-19’s performance, tour of Brazil, Super Cup trophy, great games with BATE... Which of these events would you single out?
- I would change all that for five days in Donetsk... Yes, good events, wonderful experience, feelings, but... It is hard to arrive in Kyiv, Lviv, it doesn’t matter where, but not in Donetsk. After the game we used to go back to our homes and families. And now we are coming to the rented apartments and houses. Well… We will go through it – everything will be fine. This situation has made us stronger.

The full version of the interview can be found in our online edition. Shakhtar magazine is available for free download.