Gennadiy Zubov: The game will be tough, interesting and entertaining

Shakhtar midfielder of the 1994-2004s shared his take on the upcoming match in Istanbul.

- In the qualifying round, no teams enjoy any lead or advantage. This stage already features some of Europe’s top clubs. So neither Shakhtar nor the Turks should get complacent. Truly, it will be a very difficult match for the Pitmen. Especially as Fenerbahce have signed a number of talented players just recently, including Van Persie and Nani. So we are facing a very tough game tomorrow, being interesting and entertaining at the same time. I am sure that Mister will find the right words to motivate the lads and properly prepare them.

- Will the fact of Vitor Pereira having taken charge of the team just recently, play into the hands of Shakhtar?
- Believe me, in a tournament like the Champions League, the coach’s desire to prove that he is worth a lot, is just huge. Especially as Pereira is an experienced mentor who led his previous club – Olympiakos – to the domestic league top spot, also winning the domestic Cup with them. But I'm sure it will only add motivation for the Pitmen. The Donetsk side should produce some quality football and prove through their skill that they are the ones to make it to the group stage.

- Shakhtar and Fenerbahce are the teams demonstrating attacking football ...
- Of course, the stands will cheer the Turks on. But I think that the Pitmen won’t abandon their game, they will demonstrate some fluid football with ball control, they will create scoring chances. It will be superb end-to-end action.

- Isn’t the influence of the Turkish fans on the developments on the pitch exaggerated, according to you?
- In Turkey, they love football immensely. The atmosphere in the stadiums is just crazy. And, of course, tomorrow's match will be no exception. But Shakhtar are the team who are experienced enough not to yield to psychological pressure.