Volkan Demirel: I’m really missing the Champions League

At the pre-match press conference, Fenerbahce goalkeeper answered the questions from reporters.

- The previous matches saw virtually no spectators. Do you think the appropriate atmosphere will be created at the stadium tomorrow?
- Right, unfortunately, it wasn’t a particularly pleasant period for us. And there are reasons behind it, I will not go into details. We all know them. But today, at the last count, I was told that all the tickets for the upcoming match had been sold. And I very much hope that starting with this match, we will be together with our fans this season.

- It is believed that if you try hard, it will be difficult to find a better goalkeeper. The press say that you've changed. Is it true or not? What’s your attitude to the transfer of Fabiano?
- I always give my hundred percent, being perfectly aware of the responsibility while putting on this outfit. I'm trying to win the respect of Fenerbahce fans. Fabiano is a young and promising goalkeeper. I hope he will remain at Fenerbahce for many years and will succeed.

- Souza is given much practice in midfield, with the defenders also making a good impression. You're behind them. What can you say about it?
- I consider all of our transfers as appropriate and correct. Defence and offence are very important components of our game, we also have excellent stoppers. I think this squad is able to raise the level of our team. We will compete for titles.

- Over the past two years, you have somewhat moved away from European football. How do you feel about it?
- I am really missing the Champions League. I hope our team will succeed.