Sergei Palkin: Enthusiasm and motivation – the secret of Mister's success

FC Shakhtar CEO has addressed the head coach of the team.

- Dear Mircea! For 11 years now we have been working shoulder to shoulder with you. And during all these years I have never got tired of admiring your inner energy, wisdom and determination.

I have always been impressed by your ability to build relationships with people and manage a team, finding an approach to everyone. Even in routine and monotonous work you discover something interesting and charge those around you with your passion. The desire to win always and everywhere, your enthusiasm and amazing self-motivation are the secret of your success! Only with this kind of character one can achieve great heights in any sphere of activity. And it is a great luck for Shakhtar that some time in the past when you picked the coaching profession, and later agreed to take charge of our team. You are one of the best coaches of our time.

Today I can admit it: “Mister, you are my teacher! Once you said: “We need to constantly develop, move forward, gain new knowledge, regardless of age, status and social position.” These words became for me a stimulus for life.

I would like to express special gratitude for your human qualities. For your personal involvement in other people's problems. For your desire to help people. For your attention to and empathy with people.

Dear Mister! Happy Birthday! I wish you sound health, every success, peace and, of course, new victories with Shakhtar!