Vitor Pereira: Shakhtar are better prepared performance wise

Press conference by the head coach of Fenerbahce.

- There are many reasons to be happy today. On the field, I saw a lot of things that I liked. We played against a very strong team, operated boldly and boasted our trump cards. Both opponents have tried hard, and I'm glad that my players performed well. On the other hand, I was pleased with the support of fans. I am sure that thanks to this support, some great success awaits us in the future.

- In the absence of Gokhan Gonul, what do you make of Kaldirim’s performance today?
- I want to thank him for the match. He showcased his fitness. We might say that he sacrificed himself for the team. Once again many thanks to him for his strong performance on the wing.

- Have you brought Diego to the level where he has become the most important player of Fenerbahce?
- I'll tell you a story. When I worked in Saudi Arabia, there was a moment when I had to change tactics. To do that, I called up the Brazilian footballer. Why is that? Because we speak the same language ... I say this to confirm the fact that, if necessary, you can call up one clever player who is able to respond quickly to what is required of him. In our situation, Diego is such a player. I picked him. And this is not a new method in international practice.

- Was it necessary to make a transfer to secure a midfield position?
- First of all, we need time. I would like to see the team more organised. It is also important that my players get faster. Thank goodness, I had time to decide on the team I would be working with, and I chose the optimum one for myself. As regards transfers, the work is still going on. Once again I want to emphasize that I am very happy to have the opportunity to work at such a club, Fenerbahce are a strong team. And one more aspect: I am delighted that the fans were always with us, we just felt them. Therefore, I have confidence that in the future we will get even stronger.

- Just now, Mircea Lucescu said that 0-0 is a dangerously even outcome. What are the chances of Fenerbahce in the return leg?
- We had a very short period of time to get prepared - just three or four weeks. The team gathered players from many countries who speak different languages. But I still think we came out of this game with dignity, as we were challenged by very strong opponents. Shakhtar are better prepared performance wise, but we also looked good. I'm proud of my players! As for the victory in the second leg, I will not say anything. Of course, we will continue to work to improve the game organization. We are not afraid of anything, although the return match will certainly be difficult. Fenerbahce are just at the beginning of their path, but today I’ve seen that the team are ready to go head to head with Shakhtar.