Taras Stepanenko: We expect a tough match

On the eve of the matchday 3 game of the Pari-Match League, the Pitmen’s midfield has granted an interview to the official website.

- Taras, summer squad of Hoverla underwent changes and, in two rounds starting rounds they took points in the games against Dnipro and Vorskla. Have the opponents become stronger than last season?
- Young guys have joined the team, almost all of them are Dynamo Kyiv products. They want to prove to the club that they deserve to play in the first team. I am sure that in a game with us, they will be one hundred per cent ready. We expect a tough match. We have to go into it in a very serious manner. We cannot lose points, it is important to go into the second leg with Fenerbahce with in a good mood.

- What do you think, who is to be feared in the attacking line of the Uzhgorod side? For example, in the starting rounds Dmytro Khlyobas looked very good...
- Yes, scored against our team in the last season too. He is good, skilful player, with a sense of goal. There are strong footballers playing for Hoverla.

- After the game with Fenerbahce, you have just three days to recover before the game with Hoverla. Will it force the team to demonstrate the usual attacking football in a game with Uzhgorod?
- I think Mister will give some guys rest for everyone to have match practice. Although there is enough time to recover, so that in this respect there are no problems.

- In four games this season, the Pitmen conceded just one goal, from a penalty. Is this figure a result of working in training? Are you operating based on the principle ‘attack begins with defence?’
- We try to draw conclusions, pay more attention to defence. Not only defender must defend but also the whole team. Shakhtar play attacking football, but everyone also has to defend. When it works, the result is there. Hopefully it will continue.

We would like to remind you that the match between Shakhtar and Hoverla will take place on August 1 at 19:30 at Arena Lviv. Tickets for the game can be purchased online on the official site of FC Shakhtar and at the stadium ticket office.