U21. Shakhtar vs Hoverla: players’ opinion

After the match with Hoverla U21, the Pitmen have shared their impressions.

Sergiy Gryn, Shakhtar’s forward:

- Everything is fine: we got a positive result as well as another three points. I enjoyed the game, despite the fact that the opponents defended in numbers and it was difficult to create chances in the first half. It's nice that I have scored in my third straight game for the reserve team. Of course, training sessions with the first team benefit me, I feel how I make progress, training with players of such high level. I try to do my best to get a chance from Mister.

Yevhen Gritsenko, Shakhtar U21 goalkeeper:

- There is little reason for me to be unhappy, since I conceded a goal for the first time this season. But this is football, and no one is immune from trouble. A shot from Hoverla’s attacker turned out to be difficult for me. The difficulty in the fact was that I had no work for more than an hour of playing time, and the concentration is needed until the final whistle. The most important thing is that we have won, and have scored as many goals as we could. Goal difference is of secondary importance in the standings, our task is to win every game.

Vasyl Sagaidak, Shakhtar U21 defender:

- I was eager to play in my first match of the season in the starting lineup, and again had to remain on the subs’ bench. But when coach Miguel Cardoso gave the opportunity to take to the field in the second half, I felt happy, I wanted to prove myself. The task was to play confidently at right-back. In a game, when the lead is big, you inadvertently go forward to support the attack. Last season we scored a lot against this team, and there were not any problems with morale. We were confident in our abilities and played serious football.