Guess the Score: May winners

In the last month of the spring, the visitors of the Pitmen’s official website have traditionally taken part in the tournament of score predictors. Let’s sum up the results of May.

The user whose nickname is Anton Anton has become the winner of the competition. He will receive a player shirt with a Yaroslav Rakitskiy autograph on it.                                    

Oleksandr Sobokar will be awarded an original Nike shirt. Artem Gritsenko has taken third place, and his prize is a football. Mykyta Savchenko and Volodymyr Doroshenko will receive fan scarves for finishing in fourth and fifth places respectively.

The competition organisers will contact the winners by the means of phone and email, which they specified during their registration on the website. The winners of the overall rankings of the season will be announced after the Ukrainian Cup final match between Dynamo and Shakhtar. Hurry up to make the score predictions for the final game of the season.

FC Shakhtar