Shakhtar’s top scorers: from Starukhin to Teixeira

Alex Teixeira has become Shakhtar’s eighth player to become the league top scorer. We bring you the Pitmen’s every individual achievement.

No. 1. Vitaliy Starukhin (1979)                                   

26 goals
Penalty kicks: 5
1 hat trick
5 braces

That year Shakhtar claimed USSR league second place for the second time in its history. Vitaliy Starukhin’s 26 goals became one of the best scoring achievements in the history of the Soviet football. The Pitmen’s forward was deservedly named the best player of the USSR.                                                                                                             
No. 2. Oleg Matveev (1996/97)                              

21 goals
Penalty kicks: 6
Four goals: 1 time
1 hat trick
1 brace                  

The 1996-97 season was the highest scoring one (72) for Shakhtar during 11 years. 21 of them were scored by forward Oleg Matveev. That season the team finished second.                                                                             

No. 3. Andriy Vorobey (2000-01)

21 goals
4 penalty kicks
5 braces

Andriy Vorobey equaled a Matveev achievement. Interestingly, he alone scored the same number of goals as Shakhtar conceded in total. The Pitmen again became the silver medalists, with also claiming the Ukrainian Cup.  

No. 4. Brandao (2005/06)

15 goals
Four goals: 1
2 braces

The Pitmen’s first foreign player, who became the Ukrainian league top scorer. All the goals were scored by the Brazilian from open play. The Pitmen won the league title.                                                                                    

No. 5. Yevhen Seleznyov (2011-12)

14 goals
4 braces

The lowest number of goals, which the Pitman needed to win this individual trophy. The fans remember well the top scoring race between Yevhen Seleznyov and Volyn’s Maicon (both of them scored 14 times, but the Brazilian played one game more). In that season the Pitmen became league winners and won the Cup.                                              

No. 6. Henrikh Mkhitaryan (2012/13)

25 goals
Penalty kicks: 1
1 hat trick
6 braces

Henrikh Mkhitaryan became the record holder for the number of goals scored during one Ukrainian league campaign. Shakhtar won the gold medals to claim the domestic Cup. Mkhitaryan was just one goal away from equaling Starukhin’s achievement.

No.7. Luiz Adriano (2013-14)

20 goals
Penalty kicks: 1
5 braces

Shakhtar played the final matches of the 2013-14 season in Cherkasy. That’s where the Pitmen claimed first place, with Luiz Adriano sealing a brace in the final round game with Volyn, netting his 20 goal.

No. 8. Alex Teixeira (2014/15)

17 goals
Penalty kicks: 1
5 braces

Alex Teixeira became the second midfielder in the history of Shakhtar, who became the league’s top scorer.

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