(Second league) Shakhtar-3 2-1 Kremin

On June 3, in the match of the 27th round Shakhtar-3 entertained Kremin.

Ukrainian league. Second league. 27th round.                                         

June 3, 2015. Poltava. +24 degrees.                                                         

Shakhtar-3 (Donetsk) - Kremin (Kremenchuk) - 2:1 (0:0)

Goals for Shakhtar: Kovalets (62), Akulinin (63)

Shakhtar-3: Trescheyko, Chereda, Yosha, Aksenov (Viksic 21), Steflyuk, Koltsov, Ivanov (Kovernik, 79), Yanko, Akulinin (Sadokha 90), Kovalets (Lyubko, 85), Oleynik (Kostenko, 62)                                                                  

Head coach: Valeriy Rudakov
Coach: Mykhailo Starostyak

The final match of the season is remembered by the fans as an intense game. There were a lot challenges on the pitch in many episodes, in a lot of moments the opponents were acting roughly, which led to Kremin’s defender receiving the red card at the end of the first half. The outcome of the game was decided in the second half. To decide who was the strongest, the teams needed only a couple of minutes. First, Kovalets put the Pitmen in front, but the visitors scored in response straight after working the ball in the centre of the pitch. Shakhtar did not allow the opponents to be glad for a long time and a minute later Akukulinin scored the winning goal.                                  

The Pitmen’s head coach Valeriy Rudakov has reflected on the game:

- From the very beginning, we controlled the situation, but our actions lacked sharpness. In the second period, we started operating in a more aggressive manner. We scored two goals and held on to the win. So we finished the game on the high note. We faced third team of the league; it is nice that we beat them on the second occasion.

So, Shakhtar-3 complete the season in seventh place of the tournament table with 30 points.                             

FC Shakhtar