Dynamo vs Shakhtar: fans’ opinion

At 21:00 tonight, the domestic Cup final between Shakhtar and Dynamo is to kick off in Kyiv. Ahead of the encounter, the football fans tried to predict its outcome. Let’s sum up the poll results.

So, a total of 753 people took part in the opinion poll. 57 (7.57%) of them believe that this game will end in Shakhtar’s extra time win. The second spot belongs to Dynamo’s victory in normal time, supported by 109 (14.48%) votes. By a huge margin wins the outcome, in which the Pitmen defeat the capital-based club in normal time. 548 (72.78%) fans think so.

What will be the outcome of the Dynamo vs Shakhtar Ukrainian Cup final?

Shakhtar win in normal time - 548 (72.78%)
Dynamo win in normal time - 109 (14.48%)
Shakhtar win in extra time - 57 (7.57%)
Total votes: 753
FC Shakhtar