Yaroslav Rakitskiy – scorer of best goal in May

Traditionally for the end of the month, fans voted for the scorer of the best goal. Let’s sum up the May poll.

So, a total of 350 football fans took part in the opinion poll. Of these, 39 (11.14) voted for the opener by Oleksandr Hladkyi against Hoverla. The second spot belongs to Alex Teixeira’s first goal against Metalurh Donetsk - 45 (12.86%) points. The poll gold goes to Yaroslav Rakitskiy who enjoys a major victory owing to his precision shot on target against Hoverla Uzhhorod. 101 (28.86%) poll participants think so.

Shakhtar’s best goal in May?

Yaroslav Rakitskiy - Hoverla 3-7 Shakhtar - 101 (28.86%)
Alex Teixeira - Shakhtar 2-0 Metalurh D (1st goal) - 45 (12.86%)
Oleksandr Hladkyi - Hoverla 3-7 Shakhtar (1st goal) - 39 (11.14%)
Total votes: 350
FC Shakhtar