Sergei Palkin: U-21 and U-19 teams completely replace the Second League side

FC Shakhtar CEO has told about the fate of Shakhtar-3.

- Serhiy Anatolyevych, could you tell what about the fate of your club’s reserve team, who play in the Second League – Shakhtar-3?
- We do not see a sports component that would make sense regarding the existence of this team. Today our U-21 and U-19 teams completely replace the Second League outfit. Since when the U-19 tournament was introduced, we do not see the expediency of the existence of the Second League team. So this season is the last one for Shakhtar-3, we abolish this team and concentrate on U-21 and U-19 competitions. Firstly, these tournaments have gained significant importance, and secondly, we do not have enough players to meet the demands of Shakhtar-3 even in the terms of quantity.

- What will happen to the players, who are now part of the Shakhtar-3 squad?
- We will redistribute them among the U-21 and U-19 sides.

- And those who are already older?
- We will find for them options with playing on loan.

- Will Valeriy Rudakov and Mykhailo Starostyak, who previously worked in the coaching staff of Shakhtar-3, continue to work at the club?
- Yes.

- Where will Shakhtar’s U-21 and U-19 squads be based in the next season? Will be a sports complex in Schasluve, FC Poltava training base in Kopyly, or some new place?
- As of now, they will be based where they are now being based, and then we'll see.

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