Douglas Costa: Penalty shootout is a lottery, where you just need luck

Shakhtar midfielder shared his opinion about the Ukrainian Cup final.

- Today, our team left a good impression. We played very well, especially in the first half, and created many chances. As for the penalty shoot-out... That’s a lottery, which depends neither on me nor the other players, nor anyone else. We just needed some luck. So I want to congratulate Dynamo. They really deserved this penalty shoot-out win. But we will continue to fight and, hopefully, become number one next season!

- Has anyone supported those who failed to convert their spot kicks?
- Of course, we backed them up! As we are one team! It could happen to anyone: today you fail to score, tomorrow - someone else does. We asked them not to get upset.

- Why do you think they didn’t score? Was it about nerves?
- Sometimes it happens. It’s difficult, of course, to answer for someone else.

FC Shakhtar