Alex Teixeira – best in May

Traditionally, at the end of each month, Shakhtar’s official site has determined the best player of the Pitmen.

10 former players of the Donetsk club took part in the poll, the same number of media representatives and visitors of the official site. A player received 1 point for each vote from a former player and a journalist, for third place in the poll on the website – 2 points, for second and first – 3 and 5 respectively.                                                                           

So, Let’s sum up the results. In May, the experts highlighted the game of Taras Stepanenko, Darijo Srna, Bernard – 3 points in the overall ranking and Andriy Pyatov – 4 points. Alex Teixeira, the league top scorer, has been named the best player of Shakhtar at Shakhtar in the last month. He received 16 points.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
We bring you the votes in each group.

Shakhtar’s former players:

Serhiy Atelkin - Alex Teixeira;
Yuriy Gulyaev - Alex Teixeira
Gennadiy Zubov - Douglas Costa;
Yevhen Kotov - Alex Teixeira;
Oleg Matveev - Oleksandr Kucher;
Serhiy Ovchinnikov - Andriy Pyatov;
Serhiy Pogodin - Oleksandr Kucher;
Mykhailo Sokolovsky - Taras Stepanenko;
Mykhailo Starostyak - Darijo Srna;
Serhiy Yaschenko - Alex Teixeira.

Alex Teixeira - 4 points;
Olexandr Kucher - 2 points;
Andriy Pyatov - 1 point;
Douglas Costa - 1 point;
Taras Stepanenko - 1 point;
Darijo Srna - 1 point.                             

As for the visitors of the site, 469 fans took part in the poll. 29 (6,18%) of them named Darijo Srna the best player of the last month. The captain received 2 points in his overall ranking. Bernard and Andriy Pyatov took second place, getting 34 (7,25) points each. So, the midfielder and goalkeeper receive 3 points. Football fans named Alex Teixeira the best player of May – 265 (56,50%) votes, which equals to 5 points of the overall ranking.

The best player of Shakhtar in April?
Alex Teixeira - 265 (56.50%) - 5 points
Andriy Pyatov - 34 (7.25%) - 3 points
Bernard - 34 (7.25%) - 3 points
Darijo Srna - 29 (6.18%) - 2 points
Total votes: 469


Viktor Sokolov, Futbol channel, observer - Taras Stepanenko;
Andriy Peti, site, project manager - Alex Teixeira;
Oleksandr Gaponenko, Futbol magazine, observer - Alex Teixeira;
Serhiy Bondarenko, Ukrainskyi Futbol newspaper, editor in chief - Andriy Pyatov;
Igor Yaslik, Futbol magazine, observer - Alex Teixeira;
Serhiy Kolos, Sport-arena newspaper, reporter - Alex Teixeira;
Oleksandr Tkach,, chief editor - Alex Teixeira;
Kostyantyn Dultsev, National Radio Company of Ukraine, observer - Alex Teixeira;
Andriy Nedbaylo,, chief editor - Taras Stepanenko;
Vyacheslav Kulchytskyi, Sport-Express in Ukraine newspaper, correspondent - Alex Teixeira.

Alex Teixeira - 7 points;
Taras Stepanenko - 2 points;
Andriy Pyatov - 1 point.

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