Bohdan Sarnavskyi: We want to win the World Cup!

Shakhtar goalkeeper, who plays for Ukraine U-20 team in the FIFA World Cup in New Zealand, made a comment for the club's press office.

- Bohdan, how is the recovery going ahead of the knockout stages? Does fatigue mount?
- Basically, it doesn’t. We are just back from training: it was a normal training session with the usual workload. Yesterday was a quiet day as well. In the morning we did some jogging, some stretching, made a couple of exercises, followed by a swimming pool activity and sauna - so we gradually recover and prepare for the upcoming match, fully focusing on it.

- Was it difficult for the team to adjust to the local time, taking into account the nine-hour difference compared to Ukraine?
- I wouldn’t say it was that difficult. Before the games, we had enough time to get used to it properly.

- You had clean sheets in all three games, plus you saved a spot kick. What emotions do you experience? Do you feel the boost mentally?
- Thanks to the boys for helping me to keep clean sheets throughout the games. Naturally, I want to extend this run. God grant that I will succeed in doing so.

- Which match was the most difficult and why?
- You know, all the matches were not easy. It just seems that we won it 6-0 just easily. But the first half was tough and busy, with the even game against Myanmar. It was tough against New Zealand as well: towards the end we could even lose it. It was also hard against the USA. Frankly, there were no easy games at all.

- In the duel with the United States, many people considered the US side the favourites, but you managed to defeat the opponents. Through what?
- We have achieved this victory owing to our top concentration. Our team performance was a cut above theirs. Besides, we managed to capitalise on our chances and convert them, while the opponents did not.

- You advanced from the group. What objectives do you have in the future?
- We want to win the World Cup!

- In the Last 16, you will meet with Senegal. What can you say about the opponents?
- They have some powerful, physically tough players. You just look at them and think that they are well beyond twenty. (Laughs.) So it won’t be easy.

Let us remind you that on June 10, Ukraine are to take on Senegal in the FIFA U-20 World Cup Last 16.

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