Artem Habelok: Team have huge motivation

The Shakhtar midfielder, who defends the colours of Ukraine U-20 in the FIFA World Cup 2014-15, gave an interview to the club’s official website.

- Artem, what’s the mood in the team? Are all the boys ready for the knockout stages, no injuries?
- Everything is great! Everyone is fine and the mood in the team is excellent. We get prepared for the games, the team have just huge motivation. We conducted a high-speed training session, got a great workout before the game.

- Did you study Senegal? Can you mention the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses?
- We will take a closer look at this team later, at the theory session. I only know that Senegal players are very well developed physically.

- What national teams would you call the favourites of this World Cup edition?
- I really liked the performance by the Germans and Brazilians.

- It is not the first game when you have enjoyed a great support in the stands. Does it help you?
- Yes, our every game is attended by 200 to 250 people. That’s the Ukrainian diaspora. They support us very enthusiastically, we hear them well. I want to thank them for that. And in the last match, the local audience also supported us.

- How do you spend your free time in New Zealand?
- We went to the black sands spot. The waves are very big there, so surfers from around the world go there. In general, we go somewhere before every game. We’ve been to the waterfall. Sometimes we just take a stroll.

- Was it hard to adjust to the climate and time zone of the country, which is in the different hemisphere?
- Very hard. But we came here 10 days before the games, so we had enough time to adapt, everything’s fine now.

Let us remind you that on June 10, Ukraine are to take on Senegal in the FIFA U-20 World Cup Last 16.

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