(DUFL) Karpaty 1-2 Shakhtar

On June 9, Shakhtar played Karpaty in the DUFL play-off game.

The encounter kicked off with an early opener scored by the Pitmen. As early as in the second minute, Prybluda got on end of a corner to fire it home. Obviously, this course of events has helped Shakhtar to feel more confident. The charges of Oleksandr Koval dominated possession and attacked a lot. Karpaty played more as the second best, trying to add danger through set pieces. In the 60th minute, this tactic of the hosts paid off. After three consecutive corners, Lviv equalized. But seven minutes later, Donetsk caught the opponents on the counter attack and Hrytsa scored the winning goal.

- During the first 20 minutes, we just charged forward and created a lot of chances, but towards the end of the half, the game calmed down, - says the head coach of Shakhtar U-15 Oleksandr Koval. - In general, the match was nervous. We always pointed out Karpaty’s fighting qualities, today they proved it again. There were many challenges for the ball and sliding tackles. But the guys have coped with it and secured the win.

Karpaty U-15 (Lviv) 1-2 Shakhtar U-15 (Donetsk)

Goals for Shakhtar: Prybluda (2’), Hrytsa (67’)

Shakhtar U-15: Hurskyi, Hrytsa, Taloverov, Dobrokhotov, Chmyrev, Nazarenko, Koryakin (Baidal – 58’), Prybluda, Prokopchuk (Lukach - 32’), Maksymenko, Vyachystyi

Head coach: Oleksandr Koval
Coach: Oleksiy Bakharev

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