Yaroslav Rakitskiy: Match with Georgia was preparation for Luxembourg game

After the friendly match between the Ukraine national team and Georgia, the Pitmen’s defender has shared his thoughts about this game.

- From the first minute Ukraine rushed to the attack...
- I would not to say that we were instructed to score a quick goal. Today, it was a preparatory game before an important qualifying match with Luxembourg. And the main task was to see what we can do, assess our strengths And, as always, we had to win.
- There were many physical duels in the middle of the field. The opponents tried to impose their game, didn’t they?
- Frankly speaking, we are to blame: we got relaxed and allowed the Georgians to get the ball often in the middle of the field and orchestrate good counterattacks. It is not surprising that we were in such difficult situations.

- Two goals within 10 minutes. Did Ukraine turn on style?
- You could say that. But you have seen: the first goal was just a case of luck, but the second goal scored by Konoplyanka was the result of the team effort.                                                                                                                                                                                       
- Is the goal conceded in the final minutes the result of complacency or did fatigue make itself felt?
- I think by the end of the game all of us were a bit tired. Plus we lost concentration a bit and paid for that conceding the goal. I am confident in the game with Luxembourg it will not happen again.

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