Valeriy Kryventsov: This is a common victory of football club!

The Shakhtar U-19 head coach has reflected on the game with Chornomorets as well as the winning of the league title with games in hand.                                                                                                                                             

- Starting from the first minute, the team showed the champion game and have deservedly become the strongest side of the championship. We were determined like never before! During the whole season, we have been showing will and strong determination to achieve the result that we have been aspiring to. All this time we have been very friendly just like one family, one collective. Our motivation and commitment have always been present. We had not voiced our goals beforehand, but we were approaching it for this league title to be only ours! I would like to congratulate the players, as well as all the people, who are involved in the boys’ development. This is a common victory of our whole football club. This year, we have really been the strongest side – both in terms of the result, and in terms of the quality of the game. We are very pleased to have achieved that. We will congratulate each player and wish them to improve and develop further. It may be the victory on the youth level, but the boys will carry it over to the senior sport and in the future they will keep on winning. And we will be celebrating their new achievements.

FC Shakhtar