Rinat Akhmetov sent his condolences

On June 10, our countryman - a great individual, a distinguished worker of steelmaking industry, a longstanding director of Mariupol-based Illicha Iron & Steel Works and honorary president of FC Illichivets Vladimir S. Boyko passed away at the age of 77. He was the patriot of Mariupol, the patriot of Donbas and the patriot of Ukraine.

Vladimir was well known and genuinely liked in Donbas. He was the face of Donbas, he was the soul of both Donbas and the entire Ukraine.

Under his leadership, Illicha Iron & Steel Works became the flagship of Ukrainian steelmaking industry and the pride of the whole region.

And, being a real Donbas citizen, Vladimir was very fond of football. Largely owing to his effort, Illichivets Mariupol won the love of fans and recognition of experts.

Today, our region, the Ukrainian iron & steel industry and the Ukrainian football community have suffered an irreparable loss.

I send my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Vladimir S. Boyko. I grieve with you, along with the whole of Donbas.

The president of FC Shakhtar
Rinat Akhmetov