Alex Teixeira - Player of the Season!

At the end of the football season, our site traditionally decided on Shakhtar’s best player.

The opinion poll involved 10 veterans of the Donetsk club, the same number of journalists and the audience of the official website of Shakhtar. For every vote by a former Pitmen and by media representatives a footballer received 1 point, for claiming the third spot in the poll - 2 points, for the second and the top ones - 3 and 5, respectively.

Let’s sum it up. 7 team veterans voted for Alex Teixeira, 2 - for Oleksandr Kucher and 1 - for Andriy Pyatov.

Shakhtar veterans:

Henadiy Orbu - Alex Teixeira;
Oleksiy Belik - Alex Teixeira;
Ihor Bratchikov - Alex Teixeira;
Oleksiy Bakharev - Oleksandr Kucher;
Yuriy Dehterev - Alex Teixeira;
Serhiy Kravchenko - Andriy Pyatov;
Ihor Leonov - Alex Teixeira;
Oleh Matveyev - Oleksandr Kucher;
Volodymyr Rohovskyi - Alex Teixeira;
Valeriy Rudakov - Alex Teixeira.

Alex Teixeira - 7 points;
Oleksandr Kucher - 2 points;
Andriy Pyatov - 1 point.

As for the website visitors, a total of 1,122 fans took part in the opinion poll. So, the third spot goes to Darijo Srna, supported by 107 (9.54%) votes. This result gives the Pitmen’s captain 2 points in the overall ranking. The second spot belongs to Oleksandr Hladkyi - 117 (10.43%) points - 3 general ranking points. The poll participants recognised Alex Teixeira to be Player of the Season. 403 (35.92%) fans think so. Thus, the Brazilian midfielder gets 5 points in the overall standing.

Shakhtar’s Player of the 2014/15 Season?
Alex Teixeira - 403 (35.92%) - 5 points
Oleksandr Hladkyi - 117 (10.43%) - 2 points
Darijo Srna - 107 (9.54%)
Total votes: 1,122


Andriy Malinovskyi, Futbol channel commentator - Vyacheslav Shevchuk;
Yevhen Yasinov, Vesti newspaper, regional issue editor - Alex Teixeira;
Viktor Ihnatov, site columnist - Darijo Srna;
Dmytro Durnev, Moskovskiy Komsomolets v Donbasse editor - Luiz Adriano;
Dmytro Kushnirov, Sport-Arena newspaper columnist - Alex Teixeira;
Oleksandr Haponenko, Futbol magazine columnist – Luiz Adriano;
Ruslan Mezhenskyi, Komsomolskaya Pravda v Ukraine newspaper, editor of sports department - Alex Teixeira;
Serhiy Bondarenko, Ukrainskyi Futbol newspaper editor - Andriy Pyatov;
Yuriy Okun, Donbas newspaper columnist - Alex Teixeira;
Pavlo Bulakh, site editor - Alex Teixeira.

Alex Teixeira - 5 points;
Luiz Adriano - 2 points;
Andriy Pyatov - 1 point;
Vyacheslav Shevchuk - 1 point;
Darijo Srna - 1 point.

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