Valeriy Kryventsov: coach and player

The new issue of an interactive club magazine is out. It features an interview with the coach of Shakhtar U-19 Valeriy Kryventsov. We bring you interesting excerpts from the conversation. The full version can be found in the interactive publication, which can be downloaded for free.

- Valeriy, how difficult was it to make transition from a player to a coach?
- These are absolutely different things. In the first case, you are responsible only for yourself, and in the second one, you are responsible for everything. You are planning everything, holding training camps, organising friendly games... Plus you need to teach the team tactics, technique - everything. As for a footballer, he has had a training session, taken to the pitch, played and thinks about himself. And the coach thinks about the whole team. There is more responsibility and burden. So, of course, psychologically it was difficult to make a transition from a player to a coach. Plus, to become a good coach, you need knowledge and experience. And I, as a young coach, was lacking it. So I have read a lot, watched, analysed and drawn conclusions.

- How are you going to deal with guys starting to go through initial stages of ‘star fever’?
- Again, we must remember that each player has his own character. Of course, many go through ‘star fever’, but we are trying to convince them that the next match is as important as the previous one; they should give it one hundred percent and not play carelessly. After a poor game, there is always the next one; it is possible to make up for a previous game. Conversely, after a good game you need to prove your high class.

- Kryventsov in training, during a game and in life is three different people, isn’t he?
- In the training session and in the games, I coach, I bear increased responsibility, I have to be strict, demanding, sometimes emotional. This is necessary for the result. Well, in life, in the family, I can be different - perhaps kinder and more relaxed.

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