(DUFL) UFK-Karpaty vs Shakhtar: Pitmen reach competition finals!

In the return leg of the knockout stage games of the DUFL, 14 June, the Pitmen U-14 and U-17 faced their peers from UFK-Karpaty.

The Lviv side took to the pitch in good mood and confidence in their abilities. From the opening minutes, they rushed forward, but were immediately hit on the counterattack, which resulted in an accurate shot from Sidorov. After such cold shower, the visitors managed to pull themselves together and level the score virtually in the next episode. But Shakhtar showed their character. As early as on 14 minutes, Pelipak again put his team in front. In the second half, Oleksandr Ladeyko’s charges took control of the game. As a result, on 41 minutes, Babenko took an accurate and powerful shot from distance. After around ten minutes, Biblik cemented the Pitmen’s dominance, and right before the end of the game Morozov netted the Pitmen’s fifth goal thanks to his accurate effort from long range.

The Pitmen reach the competition finals with an aggregate score of 7-3.                                            

Shakhtar U-14 head coach Oleksandr Ladeyko has reflected on the game:                                     

- We told the guys straight away that the game would be hard. That’s what happened. Today, a lot of spectators came to the stadium to support us. The match really proved to be entertaining. We fulfilled temporary task of reaching further in the competition. Now we will prepare to accomplish our main mission – winning the league title.

Shakhtar U-14 (Donetsk) - UFK-Karpaty U-14 (Lviv) - 5:2                                        

Goals for Shakhtar: Sidorov (1), Pelipak (14), Babenko (41), Biblik (50), Morozov (59)

Shakhtar U-14: Trubin (Karavaschenko 59), Biblik, Kharchenko, Babenko, Prokha, Bodnya (Zaika, 59), Snisar (Morozov, 52), Pelipak (Kristin V., 50), Sidorov (Aussi, 31), Zorilo (Maisuradze, 59), Golik (Dubko 50)

Head coach: Oleksandr Ladeyko                                                                                                         
Coach: Oscar Ratulutra                                                                                                                         

In the game involving older teams, Gennadiy Orbu’s charges took to the pitch as favourites. From the opening minutes, the Pitmen confirmed their status, taking control of proceedings. As early as in the middle of the first half, Topalov skipped past four defenders thanks to individual craft, but the Lviv goalkeeper managed to save his shot with foot, and Slastinov arrived first on the rebound to send the ball into the net. UFK-Karpaty managed to level the score only in the end of the game, but that goal did not affect anything besides statistics.
Shakhtar U-17 head coach Gennadiy Orbu has reflected on the match:

- We played in the very hot weather. Plus, as I have already said, we are going through some squad problems. In particular, Tkachuk and Khachaev cannot help us yet. I hope they will be able to recover before the finals. The main thing is that we have accomplished our tasks. Although we could have won today. It turns out that we do not convert clear cut chances but concede silly goals. If we had converted some of our chances, we would have a considerable lead.

Thus, the Pitmen won the tie with an aggregate score of 4-2, and this means that the older team will reach the finals of the DUFL.

Shakhtar U-17 (Donetsk) - UFK-Karpaty U-17 (Lviv) - 1:1

Goals for Shakhtar: Slastinov (25)

Shakhtar U-17: Pospelov, Zaporoshenko, Matvienko, Bykov, Shatalov, Sirosh, Putrya, Topalov, Slastinov (Buhay, 60), Prodanov, Porodko

Head coach: Gennadiy Orbu
Coach: Andriy Zabolotnyi

FC Shakhtar